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Jupiter’s Dance

7 Feb 2019. 19:00 | Kodály Centre

For Grown-Ups | Breitner Series 2018/2019. | Kodály Series 2018/2019. |


  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symphony no.41, K.551, C major ('Jupiter')
  • Maurice Ravel: Piano Concerto for the Left Hand
  • Maurice Ravel: Bolero


Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra


András Vass

Twelve years of piano studies at the Targu Mures Arts Lyceum; two years of private study with the composer Boldizsár Csíky; Balthasar five years of conducting study led by  Ervin Lukács, András Ligeti, and Tamás Gál, after having admitted with maximum score to Franz Liszt Academy of Music… More


József Balog


Series ticket price: 27.400 (D/Ny: 22.900) >> 23.400 (D/Ny: 19.700) >> 18.400 (D/Ny: 17.500)

About the Programme

Two composers, three famous and special works. The name Jupiter was given to the symphony by posterity, as Mozart could not even hear this masterpiece, which was also his last symphony. Posterity, however, saw such perfection in it that the piece was compared to the Roman supreme god, Jupiter. The piano concerto for left hand was created at the request of a pianist who had lost one of his arms in the First World War. The piece exemplifies that one hand was enough for virtuosity. The tune and rhythm of Bolero is probably well known even to the audience who do not frequently visit concerts.

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